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Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zoom

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The Qianhai block focuses on the development of finance, modern logistics, information services, technology services and professional services; the Shekou block focuses on the development of port services, shipping services and other strategic emerging services.


Financial Industry

1. Promote innovative cooperation in the financial sector with emphasis on cross-border RMB business.

2. Steadily promote cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong capital markets.

3. Vigorously promote the construction of a pilot zone for innovative development of insurance.


Modern Logistics

1. Build a regional production organization hub and an international supply chain management centre.

2. Actively develop port and shipping support services.


Information Services

1. Develop information transmission services at a high level.

2. Vigorously develop software and information technology service industry.

3. Vigorously build a logistics information exchange hub and an international e-commerce centre in the South.

4. Vigorously develop the information content service industry.

Science and Technology Services and Other Professional Services

1. Give priority to the development of science and technology innovation services.

2. Vigorously develop creative design services.

3. Vigorously develop professional services.


Port Services

Provide port handling services, comprehensive logistics and related support services derived from the port industry chain. There are a total of 41 productive berths, including 36 berths of over 10,000 tons, 24 special berths for containers, and a total length of 12,256 meters of quayside.


Network Information, Technology Services

Through the transformation of old industrial areas and industrial replacement, it has formed the most influential base for the development of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong. The total number of mobile Internet, e-commerce and Internet of Things enterprises has exceeded 300, with a total output value of over RMB 17 billion.


Culture and Creativity

Introducing high-end cultural and creative resources, focusing on industrial contents such as new media, industrial design, art activities and trading. Create a cultural and creative industry operation platform with original content as the leader, new cultural media as the core, and new technology combined.


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