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Guide for foreigners opening bank accounts in China

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For foreign national friends who need to stay in China for a long time, it is really convenient to be able to take advantage of the benefits of WeChat and Alipay! There was once a client who, after receiving his work permit and work-type residence permit legally under the guidance of CCTI, was excited to say that, apart from being able to work legally in China, the fact that he would soon have a bank card and use WeChat Pay was the most exciting thing he could do! Today, CCTC Qiaozhi will give you a brief introduction: Chinese mobile phone number ; Chinese bank card is equal to fully unlocked WeChat / Alipay functions and enjoy a convenient life with Chinese characteristics of payment.


First of all, you should apply for a Chinese phone card. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, Article 7 of the "Regulations on the Registration of Real Identity Information of Telephone Users".

Individuals who apply for registration of real identity information of telephone users can present one of the following valid documents.

1. resident identity card, temporary resident identity card or household register.
2, Chinese People's Liberation Army military identity document, Chinese People's Armed Police identity document.
3. Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents or other valid travel documents.
4. passports of foreign citizens.
5. Other valid identity documents as stipulated by laws, administrative regulations and the state.
So it is perfectly possible for foreign friends to use their passports and choose to apply for a mobile phone card at the operator's business hall.


Once you have a mobile phone card, you can use it to receive a mobile phone SMS verification code to select a bank to open an account.

Required information to open an account
1、Valid passport: passport within the validity period
2. Proof of employment: must include the name and position of the foreigner (e.g. with a work permit)
3. A copy of the foreigner's residence permit/permanent residence permit: it should be valid for at least 1 year and more than 1 month before the expiry date.
Account opening process

1、Opening a telephone card
Before applying for a bank card in China, you need to purchase a telephone card in your real name and open it, so that you can receive a verification code when transferring funds. Foreigners themselves bring their passports to the business office for processing.

2、Bring all the required information to a major bank to apply for a bank card
Some of the major banks have passport reader related equipment that can provide foreigners with a convenient way to apply for a bank card, and at the same time provide anti-counterfeit verification functions that are convenient and time saving.

For example: Bank of China: Applicants are required to fill in an application form for personal account opening and comprehensive services, and a declaration of personal tax resident status if they have all the necessary documents to open a bank account.
ICBC Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: After bringing all the necessary information to open an account, you only need to further fill out a personal customer information registration form.

3, bank card card fees: card handling fee of 5 yuan, annual fee of 10 yuan / year

4, at this time, the applicant should provide their name phone number, in order to receive the bank SMS and verification use.

5, fill in the application, the bank through the audit, account opening success, open personal online banking, mobile phone banking.


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