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Capital Investor and its Services

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Capital investment refers to funds invested in a firm or enterprise for the purpose of furthering its business objectives. It may also refer to a firm's acquisition of capital assets or fixed assets. Capital investment is meant to benefit a company in the long run, but it nonetheless has some short-term downsides. Intensive, ongoing capital investment tends to reduce earnings in the interim, strain on liquidity from payment demand on interest and maturing principals, and dilute earnings and ownership if new equity is used.

Capital investment encompasses a wide variety of funding options. To invest is to allocate money (or sometimes another resource, such as time) in the expectation of some benefit or return in the future. The return may consist of capital gain or investment income, including dividends, interest, rental income etc., or a combination of the two.

Capital Investment Center was established in 2014 when Tannet completed the third five year plan. Capital Investment Center is guided by capital appreciation, with the investment business mainly focusing on equity investment, property investment (house property, antique and intellectual property, etc), project investment and human capital investment. In particular, those intra-industry chain enterprises of Tannet are very likely to become Tannet's investment target. Tannet's investment scope can range across three main industries.

Part I  Capital Investment
Capital investment is concerned with the deployment of capital for long-term uses. Companies make continual capital investment to sustain existing operations and expand their businesses for the future. The main type of capital investment is in fixed assets to allow increased operational capacity, capture a larger share of the market and in the process, generate more revenue. Companies may also make capital investment in the form of equity stakes in other companies' operations, which indirectly benefits the investor companies by building business partnerships or expanding into new markets. The capital investment is defined as Tannet’s direct investment in equity, property, project and human capital investment.

Equity Investment
An equity investment generally refers to the buying and holding of shares of stock on a stock market by individuals and firms in anticipation of income from dividends and capital gains. Equity investment usually has the characteristics of large amount, long investment period, high risk and great benefits for the enterprise. The profit of equity investment is quite considerable: one is the enterprise dividends, and the other is more substantial return once the enterprise listed. In addition, there are a series of preferential measures, like rationed shares and bonus share.

Equity investment can be primary market investment and secondary market investment. In terms of the primary market, Tannet starts looking for an investment target from the business registration, namely, looking for potential listed target enterprise, and then participating in pre design services and listed incubation services, as well as equity investment. Another kind of equity investment is mergers and acquisitions and equity replacement within the industry chain.

Property Investment
Property investment consists of tangible investment and intangible investment. Tangible and intangible property investment, which includes house property, antique, machinery and intellectual property right investment, is an important approach for Tannet's future development.

Intellectual property right investment. Tannet, on the one hand, strives to establish its own brand and promote brand value, on the other hand, purchase brands, patents of other countries to develop trademark and patent transfer business. If necessary, you can directly contact the Tannet intellectual property investment company.

TANNET Intellectual Property Services Centre offers the intellectual property (IP) services of trademark, patent and copyright in form of registration and maintenance, protection and litigation, evaluation and transfer, industrial design and brand promotion, and other follow up matters. The centre also emphasizes inter-city cooperation, resources exchange and win-win development. The centre has established a nationwide service network in the first-tire cities, such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. Through platform, the centre has developed good relations with intellectual property services agencies in more than 150 countries and regions.

Project Investment
Project investment is the total amount of monetary (funds) and non-monetary (property) resources that the investor wishes to provide to a project in order to gain some benefit or return upon successful project completion. The investor acts as the project sponsor or champion who evaluates the investment opportunity to determine ROI (Return on Investment) which is a key measure of the project’s performance.

Tannet's project investment is non-directional. In general, there are two kinds of modes: project direct investment and financing and investment matching. The investment projects can be PPP project, BOT project, featured town project, large cultural real estate project, tourism real estate project investment, database venture capital, featured project venture capital, VR venture project. Tannet strives to develop a business that one investment company docking one project investment.

Though years of development, Tannet has established project database and cash pooling to help investors and financier find satisfied partners so as to exchange supplies and demands. In the process of investment and financing matching. Tannet not only take the urgent financing demand into consideration, but also make allowance for the long-term development profitability. In addition to proving funds, we pay more attention to guide enterprises to make money. Tannet is discovering investment project with high value and high return. Whether overseas or domestic, so long as it's good and steady, Tannet is willing to reach out to those in need and work together to achieve bigger success.

Human Capital Investment
Human capital investment refers to investors, through certain amount of capital input (currency or material objects) to natural persons, increase or improve people's mental and physical labor. The improvement of the work ability and wisdom is finally reflected on the increased labor output or the added value. Human capital investment is human capital appreciation investment, including team operation, technology investment, wisdom investment, etc.

In modern enterprises, human capital, as one of production factors, is increasingly playing an important role. Same as the physical capital, human capital investment also has a high investment risk. Therefore, it is concerned much by business managers, who gradually start to establish correct human capital investment philosophy.

Tannet attaches great importance to the duplicate and fiss qualified staff and has been adhering to the human capital appreciation principle of "cultivating a talent equals to a business", continuing to expand and innovate. With Human Capital Value-added Service Center, Tannet aims to help enterprises to do a good job of team building, team operations, team management, team development, team culture, and the corresponding rules and regulations, stimulating team motivation, creativity and productivity to achieve corporate performance goals and development goals. The human capital investment service provided by Tannet include, but are not limited to, personnel consultants service, personnel research and evaluation, personnel planning, personnel training tutorship.

Part II  Capital services
Capital investment involves industrial capital, monetary capital, personnel capital, etc. Tannet offers capital investment and capital services. In the aspect of capital investment, Tannet focuses on investment subject design, investment due diligence and investment solution service. Tannet’s direct investment includes equity investment, property investment, projects investment and human resources investment. In addition to direct investment, capital operation center also provides capital operation services. Tannet assists prospective investors or investment institutions in making pre-investment architecture design, investment risk assessment, investment income measurement etc.

Investment Service
To invest is to allocate money (or sometimes another resource, such as time) in the expectation of some benefit in the future. Tannt’s Capital Operation Service Center, focusing on offering comprehensive asset management and capital operation plan for clients to achieve the goal of capital appreciation, can provide enterprises with processional investment services, including but not limited to, investment subject design, business investment plan (equity investment, project investment, asset investment, intellectual investment, technology investment), project evaluation, project bidding documents preparation, investment value analysis report, risk assessment report, venture capital, value-added investment and overseas investment immigration. For example,

(1)Business Investment Plan
Business plan is a kind of decision-making tool. It may target changes in perception and branding by the customer, client, taxpayer, or larger community. When the existing business is to assume a major change or when planning a new venture, a 3 to 5 year business plan is required, since investors will look for their investment return in that time-frame. Investments must be chosen with a main goal in mind: safety, income or growth. The first thing you need to decide is which of those three characteristics is most important.

(2)Project Evaluation and Analysis
Project evaluation is a critical and highly specialized skill that directly impacts the bottom line. It is the examination and appraisal of the likely probability of a project attaining its technical performance, schedule, and cost objectives. Project evaluation is an integral part of project control. A project is a highly decentralized form of organization, ongoing project evaluation is the only sure way to determine the effectiveness of the organizational components working on the project and, hence, its eventual success. A project manager who neglects an ongoing evaluation is “at sea without a compass!”

(3)Risk Assessment Report
Risk assessment is the process of analyzing and determining project risk. Because any investment exists  objective risks which can be seen everywhere in daily life and work. Therefore, investors usually conduct risk assessment to gain insight into the overall operating system of the project: what are the risks? how great the risks are? what measures and approaches can be adopted to reduce, defuse and avoid risks? The risk of investment exists in the whole process and comes from many aspects. It is the key to the success of venture capital to assess and analyze the risk of investment project objectively so as to avoid risk effectively. Tannet, with a group of industry experts, professional planning team, can provide investors with risk assessment report to protect project investment and reduce risk.

Financial and Funding Service
Financial services are the economic services, which encompasses a broad range of businesses that manage money. Specifically, financial services refers to the financial institutions, through carrying out business activities, provide clients with various services including financing investment, savings, credit, settlement, securities trading, commercial insurance and financial information and so on. As one of Tannet’s major departments, the Capital Operation Service Center offers services like financing subject design, financing documents writing, project evaluation, financing resources introduction, financing planning (market financing, resource financing, equity financing, bond financing), intangible assets financing.

Listing and Incubating Service
Most companies are joint-stock, and, of course, the shares are only in the hands of a small number of people if the company do not go public. When the company develops to a certain extent, it needs capital because of expansion and development. Listing is a good way to attract funds. The company pushes some of its shares onto the market and sets up a certain price so that these shares can be traded on the market. The money gained from the sales of shares can be used for further development.

In a word, listing provides an opportunity to the corporate or entrepreneurs to raise capital to fund new projects or to undertake expansions/diversification and for acquisitions. It also provides an exit route to private equity investors as well as liquidity to the ESOP-holding employees. In addition, listing brings in liquidity and ready marketability of securities on a continuous basis adding prestige and importance to listed companies.

With 18 years of development, Tannet can provide listed entity framework design, listed company incubation, listing and incubating in HK, Chinese company going public and incubating (New OTC Market, the Four Board, Q Board, E Board, Second-board Market and SME Board), U.S. companies going public and incubating (NYSE, Nasdaq, OCTBB Board, PINK Board), listing guidance, listing public relations coordination, listing consulting, shell company transaction, etc.

Capital Operation Service
Capital operation is the commercial operation of the investment entity through the operation of physical capital and virtual capital, so as to achieve the goal of capital appreciation. Capital operation is centered on capital appreciation. Capital operation must have the concept of time sequence and spatial management.

To do well in capital operation, we must first understand what is capital? In economics, capital refers to the basic factors of production, such as capital, plant, equipment, material and other material resources. In the field of finance and accounting, capital is often used to represent financial wealth, especially financial assets used for business or enterprise. In a broad sense, capital can also be used as a general term for various social and economic resources created by human beings. Capital can be divided into industrial capital operation, financial capital operation, human capital operation and virtual capital operation (resource capital).

Tannet's capital operation services include, but are not limited to, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), liquidation, stock reform, asset management, overseas trust, insurance and financing, etc.

Capital investment is concerned with the deployment of capital for long-term uses. Companies make continual capital investment to sustain existing operations and expand their businesses for the future.  Tannet's capital investment is value-oriented, with the investment mainly in the direction of equity investment, property investment, project investment and human capital investment. Tannet's investment can range across to the primary industry, the second industry and the third industry. Apart from capital investment services, Tannet also provide business incubator’s service, business operator’s service, business manager’s service, business accelerator’s service and business solutions provider’s service. As long as you are confident, ambitious, thoughtful and with skills and techniques, Tannet are willing to be your strong backing. TANNET can not only provide funds, but also provide resources and needed business know-how, so that entrepreneurs can obtain both physical resources and virtual capital.

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