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Foshan Business Setup

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Foshan business setup is also referred to as Foshan company registration, Foshan corporate formation, Foshan company incorporation, etc. Foshan is a prefecture-level city of Guangdong province. It is located in the central part of Guangdong, which is also center of the Pearl River Delta. It is to the west of Guangzhou, and to the north of Zhongshan, close Hong Kong and Macau.

Setting up a business in Foshan requires professional advisory and guidance. Tannet offers one-stop solutions ranging from buisness setup (company registration, work visa application, trademark registration, etc) to business followup ( accounting and tax filing, annual return and audit, HR and payroll, intellectual property protection, barcodes application, company deregistration, etc). Our professional consultants are ready to help you.

How to register a company in Foshan?
1. Company name check
As a China company, the Foshan company name is composed of “the administrative division + company name + industry characteristics + organizational form”. The English version of the Foshan company can be put on the stamp and the name card, not one the license.

2. Determine Business Scope
Business scope refers to the business operation and industries you want to engage in with this China entity, which is quite Chinese characteristic in some way. Nevertheless, business scope could combine two or more different industries together. For instance, with a trading company you can also engage in some related consulting business in China.

3. Apply for Approval Certificate
As a foreign investor, the business registration is requested to apply for Approval Certificate by feasibility report before the business license application. Approval certificate is the peculiar certification hold by the foreign enterprises as the investors’ information will clearly stated on it and should be used simultaneously with the business license.

4. Apply for Business License
China has merged business license, tax license and organization code license into one business license with one 18 digits unified social credit code attached. Business license symbolizes the legitimate ID for an enterprise and should be preserved carefully along the business operation in China.

5. Apply for Industry Certificate
Industrial certificate refers to import and export license for trading company, food and beverage license for F&B company.

6. Business Bank Account Opening
China company account is an indispensable part of China company and is connected to the china accounting in various ways. The big four banks are highly recommended for the business account opening, i.e. China Construction Bank (CCB), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) and Bank of China (BOC).

Tannet’s Services 
We can help you incorporate the following types of company in Foshan:
(1) Foshan Manufacturing Company Registration;
(2) Foshan Trading Company Registration;
(3) Foshan Consulting Company Registration;
(4) Foshan IT Company Registration;
(5) Foshan Food and Beverage Company Registration;
(6) Foshan Joint Venture Registration;
(7) Foshan Representative Office Registration.

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