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Will Shenzhen be a new China Star City like Shanghai?

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Most investors may be wondering if the Shenzhen will be a new China Star City like Shanghai, or HongKong or not. Some investors said that the Shenzhen will be same like HongKong ,will have more tax incentives.We met an investor last Saturday in our shenzhen office and claim that he is interested in Shenzhen business and move his family business involve in this city due to very good business surrounding .

In fact,we live in Shenzhen many years and feel comfortable since Shenzhen is an inclusive city.There is a city welcome word:coming in shenzhen,you are ShenZhen's master.

What is Shenzhen like in your mind?
Shenzhen,China’s “Silicon Valley”, is China’s fastest-growing city. In the past years, It is ranked by theChinese Academy of Social Sciences as the mainland’s top city for “overall economic competitiveness” and is China’s premier Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for foreign investment as well as a sub-provincial class city.

In 2018, Shenzhen had the world’s fourth largest container port and China’s fourth largest airport for cargo. The same year, Shenzhen’s exports accounted for 38 percent of all of Guangdong’s exports and 10 percent of China’s total exports.

Shenzhen is seen as a global pioneer in several high-tech sectors, including mobile technology, DNA sequencing, metamaterials, and 3D displays.Leading companies headquartered in Shenzhen are Tencent, Huawei, ZTE, Baidu, and IBM as well as financial institutions HSBC, China Merchants Bank, Standard Chartered, and Citigroup.

What about the Shenzhen Number in 2019 ?

Investment and consumption (2019):
Total investment in fixed assets: RMB 514.7 billion (US$73 billion)
Total retail sales of consumer goods: RMB 601.6 billion (US$85.2 billion)

Import and export (2019):
Total value of imports and exports: RMB 2,800 billion (US$397 billion)
Total value of imports: RMB 1,147 billion (US$162.7 billion)
Total value of exports: RMB 1,553 billion (US$220.3 billion

What the national stage of Shenzhen would be in China?

On the August 18,2019 ,the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC)  and the State Council has issued a statement detailing how the country will support Shenzhen in building a socialist demonstration area:
By 2025: Shenzhen is to become a world-class city renowned for innovation, with special focus on public services and environmentally sustainable development. This will entail R&D investment to be raised and “innovative capacity” to reach the standards of global leaders. Along the way, the city’s cultural “soft power” will be vastly improved.
By 2035: Shenzhen is to become China’s leading international showcase as the “world capital of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship,” showing the world what a “modern, powerful, socialist Chinese city” looks like.
By 2050: Shenzhen is to stand among the world’s top cities, a benchmark of competitiveness, innovation and influence.

In education:
Higher education institutions’ will be granted “self-ruling rights”, to accelerate the building of world-class universities.

In healthcare:
The building of high-quality medical institutions by private enterprises, especially Hong Kong or Macau-funded entities will be highly encouraged;
The building of medical talent training programs in line with international standards;
Regulations will be relaxed for overseas doctors to practice in the mainland;
Increased trialing for global cutting-edge medical technology.

We believe the predict will come true in the fast city . All people working in this city are very hard. The earlier you come to this city ,the faster you can find your social value in this city. 

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