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Shanghai Company Address (FTZ)

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Shanghai Company Address (FTZ)
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Shanghai Company address (FTZ) is a must for company registration in Shanghai. Tannet Shanghai can provide a registered address that will be the legal address of your company. For registered companies, you are required to have a registered address. It is the address of a company to which Companies House or otherwise relevant governing body letters and reminders are sent to.

Registered Address in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (WFOE)
1. Quick and easy set up;
2. Required documents: copy of your passport, approved company name for invoice;
3. 2 to 3 days to get your Company Registration Address;
4. Needed to register your company.

Free Trade Zone Registered Address
1. 5 to 15 square meters of office space;
2. Contract length: 1 to 3 years (extension available);
3. Benefit from the FTZ advantages;
4. Low registered Capital (from RMB30 000).

Registered Address in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (RO)
1、Fast and low-cost set up;
2、Non-operational activities such as business liaison or market studies;
3、Directly conducted between the parent company and its Chinese counterparts;
4、The easiest way to discover the market and build new relationships;
5、Taxes based on expenses (no profit generated).

Registered Address in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (F&B Office/Liquor Office)
Shanghai Food and Beverage/Liquor market is heavily regulated, setting up a WFOE is not the only challenge that entrepreneurs will face. In this particular industry, Food/Hygiene License and a Liquor License will be required to start your business in the best conditions. Upon obtaining those highly desired licenses, adequate premises/office are to be just ified to the Chinese government. For example, a good and clean storage system for perishable goods is among the expected pre-requirements. Corporation China will assist you in meeting those requirements in order not only to obtain the licenses but also start your business with the right and strategic assets.

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