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Shenzhen Qianhai Business Setup

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Shenzhen Qianhai business setup can also be referred to as Qianhai company registration, Qianhai corporate formation, Qianhai company establishment. Those who do product based businesses and are selling foreign products into China know the headaches of importing goods. Qianhai has been nicknamed the Manhattan of Asia in certain marketing messages. While it has only been around less than 2 years, there is a big push for it to be a massive city by 2020. Not just a port, but residential, schools, shopping, so much that you don’t even have to leave the district.

Setting Up A Company in Qianhai
1. Registered Capital
Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone authority has different requirement about the amount of registered capital from other areas in Shenzhen. In other area of Shenzhen, investors cannot decide the amount of registered capital, only investors from Hong Kong, including both HK citizens and HK companies, are free to decide the amount of registered capital. Investors not from Hong Kong are required to set up the company in Qianhai with the minimum registered capital of RMB 5 million. And the capital, like other areas in Shenzhen, could be paid up within 30 years from the date of issue of Business License.

2. Company Name
China government has a name format for anyone who wants to setup a company in China, the format is: City name + trade name + business scope+ limited. If using the province name or even using “China” instead of the city name, the name should be applied in the province authority or Beijing. And only Chinese company names are officially used, while English names are for reference only. Any names are subject to the approval of relevant authority. In Shenzhen, the company name should include the city name “Shenzhen” inside it and for those registered in Qianhai Free Trade Zone, the investors can choose either to add “Qianhai” into the company name or not.

3. Company address
Qianhai government provides the registered address for all companies registered in Qianhai Free Trade Zone. Before applying for Business License, the company is required to apply for the Qianhai registered address from Qianhai government. After the application is approved, the investor can sign a lease agreement with the Qianhai government. The valid period for the address is for one year and the investor is supposed to apply for another year’s extension before the lease agreement expires.

4. Business Scope
One of the most important issues is to define the business activities of the company. Business scope is narrowly defined based on many factors, such as trade names, registered capital and business scope. A Shenzhen Qianhai company can only conduct business within its approved business scope on the business license. Amending the business scope will need further application and approval. Qianhai authority encourages the business scope from logistics, technology, services and trading, but disapprove manufacturing company to be registered in Qianhai Free Trade Zone.

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