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New Measures on China Work Permit Application

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New measures on China work permit application has been issued by Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau in April, which took effect from May 1. Foreign expats who intend to apply for such work permit should pay attention to these new measures and changes. Below are the simple version of new changes on China Work Permit affairs. For more detailed information, feel free to contact Tannet.

Adjustment on Administrative Departments
The original center for dealing with China Work Permit formalities in Liwan, Baiyun, Zengcheng and Conghua, will be replaced by Guangzhou International Student Service Center. The original center for dealing with China Work Permit formalities in Huangpu will be replaced by Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Huangpu district.

New Measures to Simplify Application Formalities
Measure 1
Applicants who are selected to China's national plans for high talents can finish the China Work Permit first-time applying, extension and modification online, submitting paper documents are no longer required.

Measure 2
For Category A applicants, their employers are only required to submit related documents online for China Work Permit application, paper documents are no longer required.

Measure 3
Canceling the procedure related to submitting paper documents of China Work Permit extension for Category A applicants.

Measure 4
Canceling partial procedures related to submitting paper documents of China Work Permit first-time application for Category B and C applicants.

Measure 5
All procedures of China Work Permit related to cancellation, modification, reapplying can be finished online.

Measure 6
Applicants can directly submit paper documents for dealing with the affair related to the cancellation of Alien Employment Permit and Foreign Expert Certificate, online pre-review is no longer required.

Measure 7
For foreigners who have ever been granted China Work Permit, when they come to China work again, certificate (diploma) of highest academic degree is not required. If they apply for the same working position as the previous one, job qualification certificate is not required. If the new application is submitted at the time that within the validity of the previous Residence Permit for Work, non-criminal record certificate is not required.

Measure 8
Making it more efficient for China Work Permit application for Category A applicants, formalities related to cancellation and extension can be finished within 5 working days.

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